Spathe Public House Review

Spathe Public House is a brooklyn inspired brunch place, nicely decorated and spacious (unlike most crammed brunch cafes).

Kelvin and I went on a weekend with two of our Taiwan exchange friends.

Here's the weekday menu, taken from

Note that weekends menu is different from weekdays menu.

Here's how the typical brunch stuff like Eggs Mushroom $16 and Eggs Benedict $17 looks like. I feel that $16ish is a bit too ex for what was delivered. It doesn't look as big and delicious as Lola's cafe's Eggs Benedict. Nevertheless, the girls were happy as the food makes a decent instagram photo and were full before finishing their share of food.

Kelvin and I got the Spathe Cheese Burger $14 (to me, its unreasonable for 2 eggs on toast to cost more than a beef burger) which comes with Cajun Fries. We also got the daily special Chocolate Nutella ice blend $9 which was a delight.

I don't have to describe much about the burger, you can see how fat juicy and awesome the patty (medium rare) is  To top off the experience, there is a splatter of eggs benedict's yolk sauce on the side to dip your burger in - 10/10.

The cafe is very nice and spacious enough to host big group gatherings. Capacity: 60 pax seated, 90 pax standing

The beef burger is definitely worth a try for beef junkies.

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards cliche spotted. Kelvin was very impressed by it because he somehow never ever heard of it before. So a photo to commemorate his learning of new stuff :)

Spathe Public House 
8 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238958
Tel: 65 67351035

Parking: ​
Street parking is available directly in front of Spathe Public House on Mohamed Sultan Road as well as at the back of the restaurant.
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 12.00 pm to 11.00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10.00am to 11.00pm

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