Jennas Fine Bistro and Wine Review

Our resort (Peace Laguna Resort) happened to be just down the road from Jenna's Fine Bistro and Wine (near Ao Nang beach), and Jenna rank at no.2 in Krabi on Trip Advisor, so we went to give it a try. Our experience in Krabi led us to the conclusion that western dining is cheap and awesome in Krabi (relative to Singapore of course). Click here for more information on what to do and where to stay in Krabi.

Beach Dining

The food was so good the first time we went that we went for a second time before flying back to Singapore. The setting of Jenna is semi-fine dining. The white table cloth and flooring matches the overall beach vacation feel in Krabi.

Long Steak sandwich

For our two meals at Jenna's Bistro, we were craving for some beef and we ordered the Steak Sandwich and the Beef Burger. I remembered both cost less than SGD$12. Over all the Steak Sandwich was a bit dry and the bread was slightly too hard to chew - 7/10

juicy beef burger in krabi

And the servings were very generous. The Steak Sandwich alone is enough to fill both of our stomach. 

beef patty

And the patty was so thick, dense, red and juicy that the bread buns can hardly hold it together. - 10/10 (If this fatty and cheap burger can be found in Singapore, I would eat it every day omg)

dining in krabi

We had such a value-for-money experience that we returned for another meal the next day. Two of us shared a 3 course lunch set which was definitely less than SGD$20. The 3-course comes with appetizer, main course, dessert and drinks (orange juice).

eating in ao nang

We were served with our food very quickly. Here's Kelvin wearing his Krabi-bought must-have beach singlet (nice tan but arms are a bit skinny hmph).

crab salad

The Crab Meat Salad (appetizer) was such a delight. It was chucks of generous crab meat mixed with fresh mango, orange, avocado and green apple. In Singapore, most of the time crab salad would refer to crab stick - that's why we were so presently surprised that crab salad at Jennas is real crab meat.The taste and texture of the fruits matched really well without overwhelming the chunky crab meat taste - 10/10

slow cooked pork belly

Our main course, Slow Cooked Pork Belly, is the best pork belly I've ever eaten. Its of a much more reasonable serving and softness as compared to Osia's (at Sentosa). The meat was really soft and the whole thing literally melts in your mouth while the skin was very crispy in contrast. The sweet pear on top and the mash potato below also complements the whole dish really well. Basically, this dish taught me the meaning of foodgasm - 10/10 love love love!!!

chocolate lava cake

We ended our meal perfectly with the dessert Hot Chocolate Lava Cake with Pistachio Ice Cream. It's a decently executed lava cake as you can see the thick lava oozing out. - 8/10

Jenna's Fine Bistro and Wine
Address: 28/3 Moo 2, 81000 Krabi
Tel: +66 75 695152

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