Barossa Beef Buffet Reivew

Bought 2 groupons for all-you-can-eat Australian Beef Buffet at Barossa Bar for $35 each. As you know, Kelvin and I are super beef junkies, there's no way we'd miss an all beef buffet. Quick tip: Stick to the Wagyu D Rump and spam! Overall score - 8.5/10

Australian Beef Buffet at Barossa Bar

The most important thing about any buffet is the menu~ Given that it is a beef buffet, the menu choices are pretty limited, but I'm overall impressed with the food quality.

Beef Buffet at Barossa Menu

The waitress suggested that since it's our first time, she will order 1 of everything for us to try it out. We happily obliged :D

Barossa Sauces

First came the sauces: Blue Cheese Sauce, Truffle Bearnaise, Wild Mushroom Cream, Red Wine Sauce. We love love love all the sauces, my favorite is the yellow truffle bearnaise tasted like truffles mixed wth awesome nacho cheese. Kelvin loved his red wine sauce - like red wine stained BBQ sauce, prefect for beef.

Barossa Buffet Sides Selection

Then came the appetizers/sides: Braised Beef Cheek, Creamed Spinach, Roasted Tomato with Cheese, Sautee Mushroom, Mashed Potatoes, Barossa Salad. Out of these, I love the creamed spinach as it came with crispy toasted layer of cheese. Kelvin likes the juicy roasted tomato.  The mash potato tasted good with the sauces, however I suspect it's their plan to give such a big serving of potato to make you full on the cheap stuff - evil!

Braised Beef Cheek

We both love the braised beef cheek, which comes in a super thick and delicious broth and big fat chucky beef.

Barossa Bar Buffet Selection

I like how they served it in a nice photogenic arrangement - total instagram material.

Barossa Beef Buffet

Finally, the beef arrived: Wagyu D Rump, Australian Prime Rib, Australian Ribeye, Roast Beef. This first plate of beef was rather disappointing as they were hard to cut, tough to chew and dry despite the promising names - a waste of stomach space.

Nevertheless, we were still persistent on eating our money worth, we ordered another set of Wagyu D Rump only. 

Wagyu Beef

It was heavenly. If you are coming to Barossa for their beef buffet, just spam the Wagyu D Rump. Its definitely the best beef out of the other choices, easy to cut, thick. juicy and chewy.

Wagyu Beef Medium Rare

I love that the medium rare wagyu is reddish on the inside. The beef tastes really good with the sauces too! Our final buffet scores: Kelvin 2.5 wagyu vs Me 4.5 wagyu steaks. I win :)

Barossa Western Restaurant

Btw, Barossa at Esplanade is outdoor sitting, lunch is out of question - try to visit at night for dinner when it's more cooling. Their western menu for burgers and steaks looks good too!

Barossa Western Restaurant

Barossa Bar

Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue, #01-11
Singapore 039802
Tel: 6534 5188

Holland Village
22 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277681
Tel: 6468 4688

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