Osia @ Resorts World Sentosa Review

Fine Dining at Osia
Kelvin had $75 Sentosa vouchers to blow, 2 days before the expiry date. I our search for a decent restaurant in RWS, we came upon Osia.


According to Osia's website, "Famous Australian Celebrity Chef Scott Webster teams up with Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay to present an innovative a la carte menu that combines Asian influences and western culinary techniques with finesse."

osia menu

As budget foodies, we got the 2 course lunch set at $35++ each, which allowed us to share 1 appetizer and 1 dessert - available on weekends as well! Just right for our $75 vouchers. Note* the menu provided was not the same as the one in the website (above), we were a bit disappointed that  beef hanger steak was not available.

Ox Tongue Salad

We started off with the appetizer - Ox Tongue Salad. I'm not a fan of salads but this is quite good. The veggies were super duper fresh, juicy and crunchy, I guess its as good as salads can get. The tomatoes were marinated and tangy as well. Ox tongue kinda taste like ham, but nicer. I rate it 8/10 for a salad's standard.

Slow Roasted Pork

For my main course, I got the slow roasted pork. It is pretty well done, the meat tears easily and the fatty part melts in your mouth. The top part is not very crispy though, so 7/10.

Dried Beef Risotto

Kelvin got a dried beef risotto, which is basically a lot of rice with 5 thin slices of beef. It was unexpectedly tasty. The risotto was thick and creamy which makes up for its lack of meat - 7/10

big plate small food

Did I mention that the portions are really SMALL? Ok, well, I shouldn't be expecting too much from fine dining. Osia is the typical huge-plate-small-food restaurant. But at least the food tastes good.

Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup

Finally desserts! I've really been looking forward to the Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup with Black Pepper Ice Cream and Seasame Crisp. It was totally worth my anticipation :)

Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup

It looked like a chocolate lava cake as first, but when you softly break open the top layer, its all molten chocolate underneath. So it's like a lava cake with more lava than usual - and we all know the lava is the best part - 9/10.  It would have been full marks if the serving is bigger.


The coffee was not bad also. Surprisingly, Kelvin and I were full after the meal. I concluded that it must be the coffee that made us full.

Overall, it was a pleasing experience. But I definitely won't visit if we didn't have the vouchers to spend, $80+ for a meal is still way above my budget. Plus I can get good food at a lower price.

White Dress

We spent the rest of our time roaming around Sentosa and attempting to take instagram-worthy shots :)
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I must say Kelvin's photography skills came a long way since we first met :)

Anyway back to Osia,
Address: Festive Walk, 8 Sentosa Gateway Singapore‎
For Reservations, Call 65776688

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