Good Morning Vietnam Review

Kelvin and I had a nice Italian dinner at Good Morning Vietnam on our first night in Nha Trang. Don't be fooled by the name - Good Morning Vietnam is only open for lunch and dinner (no breakfast!)

Italian Restaurant in Vietnam

As we will be spamming Vietnam food in Ho Chi Minh, we decided to try out the western food at Nha Trang instead. Btw, prices of food in Vietnam is generally about 40% cheaper than Singapore's :)

Mango Ice Blend and Bruschetta

We started off with Mango Ice Blend (45,000 Dong) and Bruschetta Tosacana Classica & Al Sapore Di Pesto (53,000 Dong). The Mango Ice Blend was a refreshing delight, while the Bruschetta tasted just normal bread with toppings to us.

Pazza Pizza

For our main course, we ordered Pazza Pizza (150,000 Dong) - cheese, tomato, ham, olives, mushroom and corn. And it was the best pizza I ever had! The whole pizza was crispy and cheesy to the crust, best eaten warm when it just got out of the stove - 10/10

Seafood Pasta

We also got the Seafood Pasta (75,000 Dong). The pasta was quite flavorful and the prawns were very fresh. But overall, it was quite a normal tasting pasta - 7/10

Second Floor at Good Morning Vietnam

 Request to go up to the second floor as it is more spacious and air-conditioned!

Good Morning Vietnam Menu

The whole restaurant's setting is very Italian.You get a free flow of olive oil and black pepper.

Luckily, the menu comes in English so we knew what we were ordering. The place is a bit hard to spot from outside as the words "Good Morning Vietnam" are not very obvious. Kelvin actually went across the street to ask for directions and got pointed to the restaurant that's right before our eyes.

Good Morning Vietnam Location

Good Morning Vietnam
19b Biet Thu Str.
Tel. 058 3522071

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