USDA Prime Dry-aged Ribeye

If you look anywhere for the "Top 10 Steaks in Singapore", Bedrock Bar and Grill always makes it to the list - together with big names like Mortons and CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

Bedrock Bar and Grill

Bedrock is conveniently located beside Somerset MRT, level 1 of 313.

Bedrock Naan bread

Good steak comes with a price. Like all atas restaurants, they start with off with complimentary bread. Bedrock serves Naan bread with caramelised garlic and butter. There's alot of hype to this Naan bread - many bloggers swoon about its softness and texture, but to me it tasted like regular doughy stuffs. I do like that fact that it's freshly baked for each customer as they enter the restaurant.

Bedrock Menu

Being budget diners, $99++ steaks are definitely out of our price range. Luckly, we had the entertainer app which gave us 1 for 1 offers to the mains menu. There's two types of steaks - USDA prime steaks and Australian grass fed steaks. In case you are not sure which to choose, definitely go for the Dry Aged Ribeye.

Bedrock Steak

USDA Prime Dry-aged Ribeye - $96++ is beef that has been hung or placed on a rack to dry for several weeks, which makes it the the most value of money option as it requires such a long preparation time. For those coming in big groups, definitely try out the Tomahawk Steak.

Bedrock Steak Ribeye

We ordered two medium rare dry aged steak, which is served in a hot plate. Sauces, such as red wine sauce and bedrock chili oil are available at $3 each. We didn't get those as real steaks are meant to be eaten with just salt and pepper.You can seee that the meat is cooked very evenly.

Bedrock Singapore Review

Honestly, the steak was a bit of a let down as it tasted pretty normal. Some parts were actually hard to chew, definitely not worth $96. Even as 1 for 1, I probably won't return for a second time.

Nevertheless, if you are serious beef lover, maybe you can try it once.

Bedrock Bar and Grill: 96 Somerset Road, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, Singapore 238163 Tel: 6238 0054
Operating hours
Lunch: Mondays to Sundays, 12pm to 3pm (last order at 2:30pm)
Dinner: Mondays to Sundays, 6pm to 11pm (last order at 10:30pm)
Bar: 12pm to 12am (last drinks order at 11.30pm)

Marriott Cafe Buffet Dinner Price and Photo
Marriott Cafe is conveniently located right beside Orchard MRT, on the ground floor of Tang Plaza Hotel. Mum and I got to enjoy the Marriott Cafe 1 for 1 promotion through CIMB credit card - we went for a weekday dinner buffet price for $70++ for 2.

Image of oysters and sashimi buffet
Restaurant interior was grand and comfortable. Of course the dinner buffet comes with freshly shucked oysters with hot sauce and lime, and sashimi. The supply was continuous. I never had to wait for it to come in batches like some other buffet places.

japanese buffet picture

Other than salmon, the Sashimi and Japanese Sushi served include Yellow Fin Tuna, Salmon Sashimi Futo Maki, California Roll, Nigiri Wasabi, Pickled Ginger.

seafood buffet menu

Seafood Selections include Boston Lobster (Friday & Saturday dinner, Sunday lunch), Freshly Shucked Oysters, Snow Crab Legs (dinner), Poached Prawn Crayfish Gong-Gong (lunch).

ham machine cheese

For starters / appettizers - under Charcuterie and Cheese, you get a selection of freshly sliced Smoked, Cured and Air Dried Meats Mustards, Pickles, Chutney Selection of Imported European Farmhouse Cheeses Dried Fruit, Nut Confit, Truffle Honey, Crackers, Grissini, Lavosh.

There is also a Salad and Olive Bar with Freshly Chopped Condiments with Assorted Mixed Lettuces Dressings, Flavored Oils and Vinegars, Fine Imported Olives Grains, Seed and Nuts. Accomplished unlocked for me includes - eating 6 different type of olives in one meal. Conclusion - still don't like them.

Besides sashimi, salmon lovers can also hit the Salmon Station for Norwegian Smoked Salmon Gravlax Salmon Sour Cream, Lemon, Dill Mustard Dressing, Capers, Cocktail Onion, Horseradish. Personally, raw salmon trumps smoked salmon, so this station didn't leave much impression for me.

crispy pork saddle marriott cafe
On to mains - Beech Oven Roasted Australian Prime Ribs, Roast Leg of Lamb, Pork Saddle Stuffed With Prunes and Pancetta Baked, Whole Fish of the Day and Vegetable Gratin. The crispy pork saddle is my absolute favourite - its like a mix between Chinese roasted pork mixed with German pork knuckles.

buffet fish picture

The whole baked fish was one of the highlights as well. Potato gratin was nice and cheesy, but an evil buffet dish to fill your stomach up with carbs.

roast beef menu

The roast beef, on the other hand, is so-so compared to the rest of the meat galore.

Chinese Barbecue Meats duck

To compliment the western roast selection, there is the Chinese Barbecue Meats: Wan Hao Special Crispy Chicken and Chicken Rice, Crispy pork belly, Roasted duck, Char Siu Pork

Other cooked mains includes - Hot Western: Braised Chicken in Lemon & Thyme Sauce, Fish of the Day, Sautéed Lamb, Pork Cheek with Dry Fruits, Braised Beef, Short Ribs, Veal Tongue, Fricassee Vegetarian Option.

make your own noodles menu

Asian Cuisine: Spicy Beef with Capsicum Kailan with Oyster Sauce, Singapore Chilli Crab, Sliced Pork with Snow Peas, Steamed Fish with Black Beans and Braised Ee Foo Noodles. Although the menu didn't write it, we also had drunken prawn noodle soup and it is a must try - prawn and Chinese herbal soup with a light trace of alcohol.

You can also make you own noodles at the Live Noodles Station: Hong Kong Egg Noodles, Chicken Broth, Vegetable Broth, Szechuan Broth Fresh Daily Market Condiments; you get to choose your own ingredients for the noodles!


Besides DIY chinese noodles, there is also a Live Pasta Station - I had great fun choosing my own ingredients - i.e. extra cheese, sausages, bacon and salami slices in cream sauce.

black spaghetti with cheese

And I chose squid ink spaghetti. All ingredients are mixed and stirred friend on the spot for you. It's honestly the best pasta I've ever eaten. 

Vegetarian Sides include  Truffle Soft Polenta, Pearl Barley Risotto, Nutmeg Creamed Spinach and Spicy Lentils. Can't really taste the truffle, none worth mentioning.

cupcakes desserts buffet

No buffet is complete without the Desserts: Selection of House Made Cakes, Puddings, Crèmes, Curds handcrafted by the pastry team. For my meal, there were the red velvet cupcakes, choco tart, flourless cake, prune lapis, nyonya kueh. All worthy of the mention because they tasted awesome even on a full stomach.

The mint chocolate pudding mousse was just as awesome and refreshing.

ice cream menu

And we end off with a tempting display of Ice Cream Gelato - vanilla, strawberry, choco, mango, cookies and cream and toppings, you name it. Perfect ending to the meal. Make sure you catch the next 1-for-1 offer, I know I will!

Marriott Cafe
Telephone: 6831 4605

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865

$42++ to $80++

Opening Hours: 
6.00AM to 11.00AM

12.00PM to 2.30PM

High Tea
3.00PM to 5.30PM

6.30PM to 10.00PM
Hungry Heroes Cafe Food
Hungry Heroes restaurant is a rather new Superhero theme restaurant along Tessensohn Road, about 5 minutes walk from Farrer Park/Little India MRT station. The restaurant is know for its interior setting - pop art retro comic walls with superhero figurine displays - and a meaty menu. Perfect for a boys night out/ large group gatherings/ family meal with kids after watching the latest Marvel movie. 

Hungry Heroes Restaurant deco

To suit the geeky theme, I wore my favorite ironic neon pink Darth Vader shirt. but turns out the heroes and villains theme sticks strictly sticks to Marvel characters like the avengers, superman, batman, spiderman (btw why aren't they invited to the avengers? why didn't these 3 come help out when the world was going to be destroyed by aliens?) 

superman vs batman figurines

The place is all about it's collectible decos - the waiter specifically told us to roam around the place and view the collections while waiting for our food to come.

Hungry Heroes Marvel light picture

If you get bored, you can just look up and see how many figurines you can name from the light fixture. 

Chili Beef Cheese Heroes Fries image

Anyway our food came pretty quickly. Firstly there's the Heroes Fries - $6. Basically is cheese fries with chili minced beef. Manly menu choice made by Kelvin. Can't go wrong with this option, but it's nothing special - 7/10

Truffle Mash Potato Hungry Heroes

I ordered the Truffle Mash Potato - $6. It's mash potato mixed in with truffle oil, truffle always taste awesome. A bit lacking in presentation, but I guess it's a geeky restaurant afterall. - 8/10

Meat Fury's Signature Pork Ribs Hungry Heroes

As I wasn't that hungry, we shared the Meat Fury's Signature Pork Ribs - $18 (Half Rack). The pork ribs is decently honey-glazed and meat was still juicy. Side dishes provides quite a healthy balance of fiber and vitamins to the meal - heroes also need to meet their daily nutrition requirement. - 8/10

If we come again, we'll definitely try their signature meat platter menu - Nice to Meat You - $59 (an unbeatable combo of half rack pork ribs, 200 grams sirloin stead, de-boned chicken leg and pulled pork) and the Friend Fries - $3 (fried luncheon meat fries).

Hungry Heroes
Headquarters/Address: 33 Tessensohn Rd, 217656
Hotline: 6295 5401 
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri:  4pm-11pm | Sat, Sun & PH:  12pm-11pm

Dazzling Cafe Matcha with red beans Honey Toast
Dazzling Cafe 蜜糖吐司專賣店 is a cafe/dessert restaurant from Taiwan, and opened it's first stall in Singapore Capitol Piazza (Clarke Quay / City Hall MRT) this year. It's popular for its 'instagrammable' honey toasts - "Serving Traditional Honey Toast with a modern twist". Basically it's ice cream stacked on top of golden toasted bread with generous portion of cream poured over. It is commonly frequented by celebrities and socialites in Taiwan and has been crowned as "A Celebrity Hotspot."

Back in June when we went there at 11:45am and a long queue has already formed up for it opening hour at 12pm. Waited for about 45mins to be seated - it was hard to tell if the food only tasted good because we were so hungry after the long wait. The place is elegantly decorated in soft pastel colours, suitable for birthday celebration (entire 2nd floor available for booking) or an all-girls high tea gathering.

Prices at average about $20++ each for both desserts and main courses (risotto and spaghetti), so we ordered one each to try.

Truffle Fries
We started off with Truffle Fries (250g per serve) - $10.90. Although lacking in presentation, the fries are really covered with truffle flakes and oil. Decent for truffle lovers - 7/10 

Truffle Risotto  Picture

Truffle Mushroom Risotto with Freshly Shaved Truffles - $24.90 (320g per serve) is simply awesome~  You can see the truffles slices, and the thickness of the risotto, complimented with a dash of sour cream. Each mouthful is bursting with truffle taste. I would even say this is better than their famous honey toasts. Just blogging about it makes me wanna eat it again - 10/10 (must try!) 

Truffle Mushroom Risotto with Freshly Shaved Truffles
The truffles taste is so flavourful, it actually made the truffle fries taste like normal fries. So if you u are ordering this, probably give the other appetizers (buffalo wings or sauteed mushroom or dazzling platter) in the menu a try.

Dazzling Cafe Menu Prices

If you are more of a noodles person, do try their chef recommended dishes - Mentaiko Spaghetti in Cream Sauce or Black Truffle and Wild Mushroom Spaghetti next time.

Dazzling Cafe Honey Toast
Finally, the Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey Toast - $19.90. It comes with red beans, ice cream, matcha cream, cream, toasts, topped off with a matcha macaroon. Beautiful presentation, not sure where to start? It's ok, the waiter / waitress with come over to gracefully dissect this ice cream from the honey toasts after you're done with the photo taking. 

Taking off the ice cream will reveal that there are little cubes of honey toasts inside for you to dip into the ice cream. Overheard the waiter telling the table beside us that the cubes are of different shapes for each kind of toasts - to make things more interesting each time you open up a toast.

The verdict - I really liked it! Kelvin was not a fan though, he thought the bread tasted like normal bread. But I thought it went really well with the cream. Maybe it's just against his manly ego to admit that he liked it haha. Anyway the toast is really filling, so it can actually be taken as a main course. We were glad that we only ordered 1 toast, the matcha flavour was quite refreshing and not too sweet so we managed to finish it. Those with a sweet tooth can try the dark chocolate or hazelnut chocolate honey toast  - 9/10 (worth a shot)

Dazzling Cafe Singapore 蜜糖吐司專賣店
Address: 15 Stamford Road, #01-85, Capitol Piazza S178906
Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun: 12:00 pm-10:00 pm
Tel: 63843310

Tsukada Nojo Plaza Sing

Tsukada Nojo 塚田農場 is most famous for their Nabe Bijin (Beauty Pot / 美人锅) at $25 per pax. It's called the beauty pot because of the collagen based hot pot soup that is both healthy and delicious.

Bijin Nabe Queue

Since Tsukada Nojo opened their 1st outlet in Plaza Singapure, the queue for their specialty hotpot has always been long. I thought the craze would die down after a while but Tsukada Nojo is able to get the crowd returning for it's truly awesome Nabe Bijin. Nabe Bijin is only sold for dinner, starting at 5pm. The queue starts forming at 4:30pm on weekends, we arrived at 5pm and waited for 1 hour for our turn.

Bijin Nabe Instructions

It's my second time here and I must say, the Beauty Pot is well worth the wait.

Collagen Chicken Pudding

Th collagen-rich soup, called the Golden JIDORI Soup, is made from made from organic chicken broth that was boiled for more than 8 hours and then cooled to because a super rich collagen pudding.

Tsukada Nojo Golden Soup

As the pot heats up, the golden pudding melts into thick chicken broth. For first timers, a waiter/waitress will be at your table to explain to you the steps to eating. When the pudding melts fully, the first thing to do is to take a sip of the pure golden goodness in a cup. And have some tender chicken meat that was hidden inside the pudding and have miraculously appeared in the soup.

Japanese hotpot ingredients

In the meantime, the hotpot ingredients are served. This is a 3 people serving portion. I love how the vegetable are presented in such a appetizing and colourful display.  Each person is given 1 lady finger, 1 slide of water melon radish, 1 yellow cucumber, 1 baby corn, 1 deep fried tofu, a handful of sunflower sprout, lettuce, enokitake mushroom, fresh black fungus, baby sweet potato leaves, 2 whole shrimp and tori tsokune (minced chicken meat).

Minced Chicken Meat Bamboo

For first timers, the waiter/waitress will help you set the ingredients into the pot nicely and explain each ingredient to you as she does so. She will also help you make little chicken meat balls from the tori tsokune.

Chicky Ball

This is how the chicken ball looks like when it's cooked. It's really nice as there's fatty chicken meat mixed in the juice up the ball.

Beauty Hot Pot

The waiteress/waiter will make sure that everything is nicely arranged into the pot - everything is always so well presented.

Colourful Steam Boat

There are also 4 types of spices - Chili Shoyu / Negi ginger Oil / Yuzu Peper / Red Chile Oil. Honestly the soup was so good, everything tasted nice on it's own. I think the sauces are just extra to make you excited about all the choices.

Seaweed sauce

We were also give a seaweed sauce in a heart shape. This is my favourite sauce as it tasted like very concentrated seaweed - it goes well with anything.

Ramen Noodles handmade

Last but not least, we have the ramen - 3 types to choose from - Thin Egg Noodle, Thick Mochi-mochi Noodle and Rice Noodle. We choice the thick mochi-mochi noodles which is the most ramen-like noodle if you asked me. The noodle is pre-cooked so you just have to heat it up in the soup.

fresh prawn seafood

Eventually, we cooked the fresh prawn / shrimp. The whole meal was really filling because the soup is very thick. I think drinking the soup alone is enough to make you full.

Tsukada Nojo Prices

Basically, Tsukada Nojo's house special Bijin Nabe - $25 per person, really lives up to it's hype and is true to the menu's illustrations. $25 quite a reasonable price for a hot pot meal that originated all the way from Japan.

Ala Carte Prices

Feeling greedy, we ordered some sides as well. There's lot's of pictures in the menu, making it easier to choose.

Salmon Roll

Fresh Salmon Spring Roll Dipped in Thai Sweet and Spicy Sauce- $7  is a mix of Japanese Sashimi and Vietnamese Spring Roll and Thai Dressing. However, it sounds better than it tasted - the veggies' taste overpowered the salmon's.

Tsukada Nojo Menu

We moved on to the Nikumaki Onigiri - Bite-sized rice ball wrapped in pork (bacon), baked with a special soy sauce.

Pork wrapped rice

Nikumaki Onigiri Cheese -$3.80 is actually quite good. I was apprehensive about eating a rice ball but the rice turned out to be very tasty from the bacon and soy sauce.

Japanses Fries

We got a complimentary side choose from Japanese Green Peas and Sweet Potato Fries with Ketchup and Kaya Sauce. And we were promoted to Managers!

Tsukada Nojo Loyalty Program

5 more visits till our next promotion! (This customer loyalty system so doesn't make sense but it's so cute. They really presented us with a name card with the "manager" written on it.)

Tsukada Nojo Dessert Art

Lastly, we ended with jelly desserts (chrysanthemum tea and green tea flavor) with a kawaii plate art.

Tsukada Nojo Promotion

Here are some of their other promotions. I came at Christmas time, so all the staff were wearing reindeer hats. The dining area is quite small, hence the long queue for the food.

Tsukada Nojo Interior

Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe 美人锅
Link: Tsukada Nojo Singapore's Facebook Page
Address: #03-81, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road (Dhoby Ghaut MRT)
Phone: +65 6336 5003
Opening Hours: Daily, 11:30 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 22:00

Other Outlets
Address:133 New Bridge Road #02-37 Chinatown Point (Chinatown MRT)
Tel: +65 6444 8840
Opening Hours: Daily, 11:30 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 22:00

Address 3 Gateway Drive #03-04 Westgate (Jurong East MRT)
Tel: +65 6465 9356
Opening Hours Daily, 11:30 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 22:00
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