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Beer Pizza

Nickeldime Drafthouse Brewery is a trending restaurant at Novena Garden. Besides selling beer, it offers exotic beer-infused cuisines such as beer pizzas and drunken burgers.


The menu has quite a wide range of selections, where main courses are mostly beer related. There's also 1-for-1 promotions on weekdays. Too bad we visited on a weekend.

Nickeldime Drafthouse

Kelvin and I got the 510 burger (beef burger is our obvious choice) and I wanna hold your ham pizza (recommended by the staff). 

drunken burger

510 Burger $15 - Handmade buns, beef patty, IPA cheese, gauda, mozzarella, beer candied bacon, sunny side up egg, crispy onion, beer barbecue sauce, lettuce, fresh tomato

510 beef burger

510 definitely makes it into my top beef burger's list. The patty was 100% shiokness at medium rare. The sunny side up egg is also cooked to the correct rawness such that the yolk was still runny. One thing though, you can't really taste the beer, except for a bit of bitterness in the meat that might be due to the beer - 9/10

Beer Pizza

I Wanna Hold Your Ham $19 - Tomato sauce, mozzarella, cooked ham, triple mushrooom, parma ham made with Beer Dough.The pizza totally didn't live up to our expectations. The beer dough doesn't have any beer taste at all, except it's a little bitter lor. Overall the pizza tastes dry, not enough cheese and ingredients to make up for the taste. Mushrooms were probably the only nice part about the pizza, should have gotten two 510 - 6/10

Nickeldime Drafthouse Brewery

The setting of the place is pretty neat, mostly empty so it's a good place to plan gatherings for friends.

Nickeldime Graffiti

There's nice graffiti on the walls and cozy corners for group hangouts.

Halloween Restaurant

There's also Halloween decorations at the back ground to build up the October mood.

Nickeldime Drafthouse Beer

And a brewery with a wide selection of exotic beers (one bottle is mostly > $12 because they aren't beer you can get off supermarkets).

Nickeldime Beer

Just go and try the 510 :)

Nickeldime Drafthouse Brewery 
273 Thomson Road #01-06 Novena Gardens (Beside IRAS)
Tel: 6256 0261
Mon-Sun 11am till late

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