Itinerary for Nha Trang (3D2N)

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Kelvin and I went to Nha Trang, Vietnam for a short 3D2N stay in October.

Bascially our itinerary for Vietnam trip is:
Day 1: Chill at beach bar, eat at Good Morning Vietnam
Day 2: Three Island Tour, Chill at Beach, eat at The Greeks and
Day 3: Mud Bath, Fly to Ho Chi Minh

Background of Nha Trang
Nha Trang is Vietnam’s most famous seaside resort-town, and it has a longest stretch of beach (6km) I've ever seen. Tourist at Nha Trang are mostly Russians and Vietnamese from other areas.

Nha Trang Beach

Weather in October
Bascially it is the monsoon season at Nha Trang from September to December and the weather forcast for our trip looks like this. We packed our ponchos and umbrellas, ready to brace the storms...

Weather in Nha Trang in October

Only to be greeted by the perfect weather in Nha Trang for all 3 days! So I hereby declare that October is the best time to visit as the sky is still blue but the sun isn't as scorching hot and the temperature is nice and cooling.

Day 1
We took Jetstar from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh, and transferred flight from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang. As our flight got delayed we only managed to reach Nha Trang at 5pm. 

Italian Restaurant

We had our dinner at a Italian restaurant, Good Morning Vietnam (Full review of the food here.)

Beach Bar

The sun was down after we reached our hotel, Dendro, so all we could do was to hit the night beach, enjoy the acoustic and Mango Margarita at this little bar on the beach called Sandals.

Day 2
We woke up to the stunning sea view from our hotel room in Dendro at only USD$50 a night! (Full review here)

Dendro Hotel Room

The hotel rooftop pool was pretty amazing too, but I preferred swimming in the cooling ocean much more since we were at the beach.

roof top pool

Our itinerary for the day is Three Island Tour (300,000 Dong per person, 9am to 4pm). Quick Tip: Avoid going for the Four Island Tour as the forth island is just an aquarium with no one inside, a waste of time and money. The Three Island Tour package on the other hand, allow you to spend more time at the fun islands and comes with BBQ seafood lunch.

Boat ride

The boat ride for Three Island Tour is very spacious as most of the people are crowding on the Four Island Tour boat. The sea is in such a nice shade of blue here.


The water was crystal clear at the first island and its perfect to snorkel to look at colorful fishes swimming around you. We also got to snorkel at the deeper part of the ocean where there are some corals, the corals are not very impressive though.

BBQ seafood

The second island is where we had our BBQ seafood lunch.The seafood was really fresh and overall it was a decent meal on a floating platform on the sea.

Boat music band

After lunch, we had a live music performance by the tour band on the boat. Quite a interesting arrangement, the musicians were of professional standards and they sang a few Vietnamese, English and Cantonese songs.

Riding the sea breeze

The boat ride was pretty comfortable itself with the sea breeze blowing you. And off we go to the third and last island.

Water Playground

The forth island has a huge floating playground on the water and it was free to play! Despite me getting trapped inside the structure for 10 mins, after I go out, Kelvin and I really enjoyed ourselves on the bouncing and climbing thing.


And Kelvin convinced me to do para-sailing. He said it's like flying and a little scary. I say it's like fly freaking awesome and not scary at all! We got to fly together for about 10mins for 1,000,000 Dong/ USD$50 (pretty decent price).

Chilling at beach

When we came back at 4pm, all we did was lie on the beach and chill as the weather was cooling and the sun was hidden nicely away behind the clouds.

Greek Food

We had dinner at The Greeks, as we never tried greek food before (full review to come soon!)

French Restaurant

And as there are way too many awesome and cheap restaurants in Nha Trang, we had our second dinner at French restaurant, les bouchons (full review to come soon too!).

Day 3
After all the sun damage on our skin, we went for mud bath package at I-Resort (full review soon) to renew our skin for $300,000 dong each.

Mud Bath

The mud was thick and thankfully scentless, it almost felt like I was bathing in very thick chocolate milk and it was so fun to swim around in our personal tub.


After the mud bath, we got to enjoy the various hot springs and cold springs in the resort (about 10 pools all together). The waterfalls were really great for massaging backs.

Mineral Pool

Alternating between the hot and cold pools of mineral water was really how comfortable. Life should be like this everyday.

And then we flew off the to continue our Vietnam adventure at Ho Chi Minh

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  1. Nice photos of Nha Trang! I'm thinking of visiting Vietnam soon and your post has been really useful

  2. do you have itinerary for hcm too?

  3. Is there any booking require for the three island tour?

    1. Yes, you can book through the hotel reception.

  4. Hi Merrilyn,

    Thanks for the tips and review as we are planning to go this March 2016.
    I want to ask you if you get the 3 island tour package when you reached Nha Thrang? And, did you enjoy the activities in there and also the greek food? Thanks. :)


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