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Tom Yam Nahkon Seafood

Nakhon Kitchen was one of the most hyped up heartland Thai food restaurant a while back this year. I gave it a pass previously because the queues were insanely long. Now that the queue is reasonable (about 15 mins wait), Kelvin and I headed down to the branch at Hougang to find out if it can live up to our expectation (spoiler alert: it didn't). 

FYI, also located in Hougang neighbourhood just down the street are up and coming cafes where we had our desserts - Hatter Street & Lola's Cafe.

Thai Tea Milk

We were first served with traditional Thai Ice Teh $3. Not sure how authentic this is as its my first time drinking milk tea thai style. I would say the taste of tea and sweetness was more intense than normal milk tea and I liked it. Also, it's good to have to cold drink to save you when eating spicy food. - 10/10

Kapow Beef Rice

The first dish that came was the Kapow Beef Rice $6. Stir fry minced beef with long beans, red chilli and soya sauce, sunny side up egg and cucumber at the side. Overall nothing thai or special about the dish.  - 5/10 (don't order this)

Image Picture of Tom Yam

Next up came our Tom Yam Seafood Soup Clear $6. Pretty decent tom yam standard, the clear soup wasn't too spicy and came with a generous amount of soup ingredients like mushrooms, prawn, fish and sotong. - 8/10

Phad Thai Photo

And lastly, Phad Thai $5. Phad Thai is basically thai fried noodles with bean sprouts, tofu, leek, peeled prawns and peanut crumps. - 6/10

Phad Thai Menu

The Phad Thai was only served 20 minutes after the tom yam soup and it was such a disappointment. How can fried noodles turn wrong? Apparently at it can when it was served after all your other dishes had turned cold and tastes kind of tasteless. In it's defense, the Phad Thai did came with one or two freshly peeled prawns, which in my opinion is the only saving grace of the dish.

Nahkon Menu

Squeezing lime onto the Phad Thai didn't help enhance it's tastelessness. The point of this picture is Kelvin's squeeze lime face :P

Nahkon Picture Menu

Overall, the meal was still pretty worth it. We only spent $20 nett for the whole meal as prices at Nahkon is very reasonable. Probably will return to try our others on their menu as what I had wasn't worth having again.

Also check out the cafes just down the street where we had our desserts - Hatter Street & Lola's Cafe.

Nahkon Kitchen Hougang
Address: Block 212 Hougang St 21, #01-341, Singapore 530212
Phone: 6286 8785
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Facebook / Website:

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