Paddington House of Pancakes @ City Square Mall

Chocolate Crepe dessert with ice cream and whip cream

When I first spotted Paddington House of Pancakes in City Square Mall at Farrer Park / Little India, Kelvin was dismissive. "Pancakes can only be eaten as brunch or dessert, not worthy to be a man's dinner" - quoted from Kelvin and his ego.

Paddington house of pancakes

But we combed through the whole mall only to be back here because nothing else stirred our appetite. Kelvin realised that they do serve dinner worthy dishes here and I'm always right. 

Paddington house of pancakes menu

The menu showcased all kinds of pancake inspired cuisine - in a fusion of American, Mexican, French and Russian cooking style. (No pork, lard and beef served btw, choices for meat is only chicken or lamb). We were quite overwhelmed by the choices and ended up choosing whatever that has the biggest picture on the menu.

Paddington house of pancakes prices

This is all we ordered. The wait for food was about 30 minutes as their kitchen is super small, but it was worth the wait.

pancake double decker chicken burger

We ordered a Pancake Double Decker Burger $16 - made from organic wholemeal pancakes, homemade chicken patty, onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese and salsa sauce. - 8/10

pancake double decker chicken burger photo

The chicken patty was thick, dense and meaty, not quite as juicy as the waiter promised but not bad overall. Kelvin loved the pancake which was super savory that tied in well with the whole burger taste. We've always assumed that pancakes are tasteless or sweet like the Mcdonald's breakfast kind, but Paddington House of Pancakes proved us wrong.

nice crepe chicken picture

I got this grilled chicken, grilled mozzarella, chicken bacon, ham, wild mushrooms, prawns, pineapple and topped with mushroom creamy sauce, stuffed in soft crepe called NICE - $14. 

 grilled chicken, grilled mozzarella, chicken bacon, mushrooms, prawns, pineapple and topped with mushroom creamy sauce crepe

The prawns and mushroom were fresh, grilled chicken was juicy and the crepe was sweet in a way that went well with everything else. - 10/10

cheese fries and wedges with bacon bits and sauces

There was this big picture of their cheese fries and wedges with bacon bits and sauces - $7 on the first few pages of the menu. It looked so cheesy I couldn't resist. But I later regretted this impulse order as there was only one layer of cheese on top, there were no cheese on the fries below and the fries are ordinary processed fries. The dips are the same as KFC cheese fries sauce. Meh - 4/10

paddington house of pancakes menu

Overall it was a satisfying and filling dinner. We were full but how can we be in a pancake house without having pancakes the way were meant to be eaten - desserts.

pancake dessert

The house of pancake's desserts all looked super good. We finally chose the Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Jam Crepe Roll with Ice Cream - $14.

sinful dessert

In my first bite, I felt like I went to heaven. The chocolate, peanut butter and jam exploded with every bite because the whole crepe roll was stuffed with those sauces. But after eating half a roll each, we both jelat from the sauce overload. There weren't enough ice cream to go around to dilute the overpowering tastes of jam. Despite having to battle through the second half of our crepe, it was still one of my favourite dessert ever - 9/10

House of Pancakes City Square Mall picture

In total, we spent $65 nett for our meal (2 mains, 1 side, 1 dessert). The setting and decorations is very pretty, almost felt like we were in a quaint shop house cafe instead of a shopping mall.

House of Pancakes City Square Mall promotion

I highly recommend eating at Paddington House of Pancakes if you are at City Square Mall. I know I will definitely return to try out their tacos and more desserts.

House of Pancakes farrer park image

Paddington House of Pancake
180 Kitchener Rd
#02/35 City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
Tel: 66129029
Open 11am-10pm daily

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